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SAP Business Technology Platform - Live Webinar Series

We invite you to a series of weekly webinars:

SAP Business Technology Platform is the future of development, integration and a cornerstone in a decoupled architecture, and we believe everyone should be able to understand its potential.

That is why we invite our trusted customers to join us in a series of live webinars together with the consultants from Pearl.

Starting this fall, we will cover a service on SAP Business Technology Platform in a 20-30 minute session on Teams each week. The sessions will be low-key and structured as a teaser for a more thorough deep dive.

What we’ll cover:

  • What the service or product is and what it’s used for
  • The price models available
  • A simple use-case or two
  • Links and resources for an individual deep dive

Please sign up to reserve your seat and receive a teams link prior to each session. All sessions will be recorded, and access will be given for a limited time to all participants.

Per-Åge Themte, CTO
+47 951 67 961


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