Guide til SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA – Four key questions to answer for a successful migration


Are you considering the journey towards the next generation SAP ERP solution?

Then you are probably aware that S/4HANA is SAP's most innovative and modern ERP platform. The system uses "in-memory" technology, which enables much more efficient and direct data handling and opens up many more possibilities within, among other things, data insight and machine learning.

You may also be aware that a time window has been established until 2027 and that after this date, current ERP solutions from SAP will no longer be updated and supported. In other words, you should start the process of considering your options now.

The road to the next generation of ERP solutions will affect the organization and should be carefully planned. To be as prepared as possible, you should reflect on questions such as:

  • Is the organization ready to implement this?
  • What opportunities does it offer us?
  • Is it possible to migrate our solution as it is now?
  • What criteria should I set when choosing a partner?

Our guide for a successful S/4HANA migration process asks four main questions you need to address and share key experiences we have gained after several small and large S/4HANA migrations in recent years.

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