Are you concerned about your customers?

Show that you care about your customers' interests and want to give them added value. Together with the technology company Sannsyn, we can offer a proven machine learning platform with a varied and good functionality, that collects and analyzes large amounts of real-time data.

An online store will typically be able to use technology to recommend relevant products to its customers. Examples of recommendations are "trends now", "recommended for you" and "people who bought this, also bought this."

- Pearl and Sannsyn are working with, among others, ARK Bookstore. In collaboration, we have developed what is perhaps the most advanced personalization solution in Norwegian retail, says CEO Morten Krogh-Moe from Sannsyn. - Personalization is driven by machine learning technology so that the e-commerce companies can have one-to-one, real-time communication with all their customers, even though there are a million of them.

How does it work?
In short, machine learning technology gathers data from your customers, and analyzes large amounts of real-time data.

- You can find relevant content based on the customer's user behavior, textual content or other structured data, and use this content to show that you are concerned with your customer’s interests. The technology helps you stay relevant in the customer journey, and you compete more effectively in winning customer loyalty, says Krogh-Moe.

Typical data used to create relevant data for the customers is what the customers buy, click on, search for, and add to the shopping cart. Within domains such as media and entertainment, text analysis is also used to find relevant content.

How to get started?
- Our experience is that many companies want to be more data driven in their approach to the market, but struggle to get started. Together with Sannsyns business advisors, data scientists and technicians, we at Pearl can give you a good understanding of the subject area, as well as the success factors and potential pitfalls. Along with your internal resources, we can develop a forward-looking and robust data strategy, says Sales- and Marketing Manager Jens Fossum at Pearl.

Easy implementation
The machine learning technology is easy to integrate, and has a programming interface (API) which allows technology to be taken into use quickly. Read more about the implementation.


Would you like more information?
Please contact:

Sales and Marketing Manager Jens Fossum in Pearl
+47 47 03 42 00

Marketing Manager Ole Martin N. Evensmo in Sannsyn
+47 996 09 378


Are you concerned about your customers?

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