Based on functionality made available in SAP’s standard system, we have built various template solutions adapted to the Norwegian market. We thus keep costs down, as complicated processes and project administration are reduced.

Why is implementation by Pearl so effective?
We have built up substantial expertise in the implementation of SAP installations after several successful commercial projects in Norway. Each project has added relevant activities, templates and tools that improve the standard SAP toolbox and this helps to speed up implementation.

Our SAP projects are divided into six phases that are based on SAP’s Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology:
1.    Preparation
2.    GAP analysis
3.    Realisation
4.    Deployment
5.    Start-up
6.    Operation

Why do our customers succeed with us?
We invest heavily in our solutions on an ongoing basis. Smart processes are then available for all our customers. The project implementation methodology ensures that you are ready when the solution is taken into use and the delivery and cost pattern is as expected.

We have developed a series of certified template solutions for different industries

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