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Lysaker Torg 45, 2.etg
1366 Lysaker
Oslo, Norge

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Østre Kullerød 4
3241 Sandefjord

+47 957 06 042

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Rosenborgsgatan 12
SE-169 74 Solna 

+46 708 31 98 02

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Lindholmspiren 7c
417 56 Göteborg

+46 73 633 62 57

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Hyllie Stationstorg 31
215 32 Malmö 

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Gulliver, 1A Sportyvna Square
01023 Kyiv

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Krišjāņa Valdemāra street 21 - 20
Riga, LV-1010

+371 2653 9878


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Pearl Care Singapore PTE LTD
9 Temasek Boulevard
31F Suntec Tower 2
Singapore 038989

+47 932 87 712

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Pearl Finland Oy
Mannerheimintie 82 A 5
00250 Helsinki

+358 50 408 0566


Trond Skjellerud
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CEO Pearl Group

+47 4500 2800

Tom Berget
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Business Development Director

+47 932 87 712

Therese Mellegård
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Project Director

+47 415 03 212

Bernhard Olsen
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CEO Pearl Norway

+47 957 06 042

Ingemar Goksøyr
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+47 90 60 10 00

Stian Green
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Director Pearl Care

+47 920 11 808

Trond Pedersen
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Director International Operations

+47 995 07 750

Carl Östholm
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CEO Pearl Sweden

+46 708 31 98 02

Motek continues solid partnership with PearlCare.

Motek and Pearl have collaborated closely on everything from ERP to online shopping since 2013. Pearl is developing the collaboration further through the new concept of PearlCare.



As part of the Aspelin Ramm family, Motek has been central to the Norwegian construction and industrial sector since 1954. With roots stretching back to 1881, Aspelin Ramm is a pioneer in property development and environmentally friendly buildings. Motek specializes in the supply of tools, fasteners, and first-class services and offers both leading brands and own-brand products.

Today, Motek has grown to include 30 stores nationwide, supported by 140 salespeople and an engineering department that ensures efficient and intelligent solutions throughout the project's lifetime. With over 340 employees, Motek is known for its professional skill and ability to adapt to the customer's needs on-site.

In the autumn of 2022, Motek took a big step into the future by moving into a new head office with Norway's greenest logistics building and central warehouse, equipped with fast chargers for electric vans, rainwater harvesting to conserve drinking water and a rooftop park with beehives and flower meadows. For this building, Motek is a finalist in the “Digital Revolution Awards” in the category of Outstanding Contribution to the Earth. During the upgrade, Pearl assisted with new functions and integration with SAP EWM and the Autostore robot warehouse, which were tailored to handle Motek's extensive product flow.

Motek and Pearl have collaborated closely on several projects and implementations within ERP, online shopping, warehouse, and logistics solutions for over ten years. We are continuing the collaboration by entering into a new partnership with Motek through the PearlCare concept.

Pearl will handle all operations and infrastructure, while also advancing Motek's applications and business development. In addition, Pearl and Motek will collaborate on new service solutions and development within AWS.
The new collaboration agreement, PearlCare Platinum, is a relatively new service from Pearl, and gives Motek excellent predictability for costs and the execution of critical operational tasks. 

A fixed monthly amount covers everything from bug fixes and ongoing patching to security updates and planned upgrades of both the S4 and Commerce platforms. Pearl continuously performs effective error correction and plans updates and upgrades that ensure both stability and progress.

As a long-term technology partner, Pearl believes in being more than an operating partner and, therefore, takes an active role in lifting Motek's business to new heights. Their collaboration is rooted in a common understanding that "Motek's success is Pearl's success."

Through an open dialogue and the sharing of strategic insight and information, the collaboration ensures that Motek is always equipped to meet a changing market. The ability to react quickly to challenges and opportunities, built on close dialogue and mutual trust, is essential for navigating a competitive construction market.

 – Over many years, Pearl has shown that they are a partner we can trust to deliver solutions that work. We have virtually had no downtime in 11 years, and this is crucial for us, who make a living from satisfied customers. Pearl takes it very seriously if something unforeseen happens and stands by until everything is in order, says Motek's IT Manager, Ketil Greve Aubert.

 – We currently employ Pearl as a sparring partner and developer for all SAP development projects and new areas such as AWS. Motek will do many exciting things in the future and has chosen to continue with Pearl. "Never change a winning team," Greve Aubert adds.

– PearlCare aims to deliver on 3 pillars to our customers - trust, collaboration, and relevance. Motek is a good example of how we can work well together from a strategic level with top management, to handling critical infrastructure while maintaining smooth collaboration, all in one agreement with Pearl. Easy for the customer, predictable for Pearl, says Bernhard Olsen, Managing Director PearlCare.

Together, Motek and Pearl are now preparing for the future with a robust platform for innovation and growth, which equips Motek to meet tomorrow's challenges in the construction industry.

" Over many years, Pearl has shown that they are a partner we can trust to deliver solutions that work. We have virtually had no downtime in 11 years, and this is crucial for us, who make a living from satisfied customers. Pearl takes it very seriously if something unforeseen happens and stands by until everything is in order.

// Ketil Greve Aubert, IT Manager, Motek.

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