We have total responsibility for everyday system support and focus on close cooperation day-to-day and longer term. We want you to feel that we look after you, can solve your problems and secure stable and predictable operations. On this basis, we launched the PearlCare concept in 2012.

What is PearlCare?
PearlCare attends to your requests and looks after activities in the operational and management phases i.e. everything that happens once an SAP solution is up and running. We provide support when you need it and suggest improvements and measures that we believe should be implemented, to enhance business life in your company.

PearlCare supplies both basis and operational services and ongoing support for all areas of application in SAP. We also develop the solutions further, while providing strategic advice to meet industry trends and stay at the cutting edge of new technology.

Customer-tailored model
No two customers are alike, so we tailor the management model to the individual company and work with you to arrive at what we consider to be the right level, content and scope. Based on this we define the services you need and create a common organisational platform to enable your company to succeed long-term.

The activities include:

  • Advice
  • Day-to-day user support
  • Application management
  • Change requests and further development
  • Transfer of expertise and training
  • System and interface monitoring

We have a strong technical environment, with expertise across the complete range of SAP resources. Every day, PearlCare utilises all of this body of expertise and draws in the necessary resources to solve technical issues optimally. PearlCare supplies basis consultants, monitoring, operations, developers, applications consultants, solution architects and advisers.

We have developed a series of certified template solutions for different industries

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