Rimi Baltic is a major retail operator in the Baltic states based in Riga, Latvia. It is a subsidiary of Swedish group ICA. Rimi Baltic operates 275 retail stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and has distribution centers in each country.

Groceries E-commerce solution with home delivery, click & collect and drive-in, which complies with Rimi in-store campaigns and provides a first basket and favorite products based on your in-store and online purchase history. They chose to implement SAP Commerce (formerly SAP Hybris) and integrate with backend systems to synchronize assortment and promotions across different channels, and Loyalty system to provide E-commerce experience that is tailored for their customers. Customers can also return any goods at the doorstep or at their car if using drive-in.

Rimi’s goal was to provide their customers with a seamless experience online, in store or through drive-in with the same campaigns and making sure that customers can buy the freshest produce. Rimi must also be able to roll out the same experience to their customers in regions and all across Baltic States.

Customer´s benefits

Rimi E-commerce solution has had increasingly high demand since launch in October 2019, and Rimi is now the 2nd biggest e-commerce solution in Latvia and was able to release the solution also in Lithuania and Estonia ahead of schedule to help society under lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. Their SAP Commerce solution is also a powerful platform for future growth.

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