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Trond Skjellerud
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CEO Pearl Group

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Tom Berget
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Business Development Director

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Therese Mellegård
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Project Director

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Bernhard Olsen
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CEO Pearl Norway

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Ingemar Goksøyr
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Stian Green
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Director Pearl Care

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Trond Pedersen
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Director International Operations

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Carl Östholm
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CEO Pearl Sweden

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Pearl has delivered a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for Telenor's head office and stores. Read our case study.

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Telenorbutikken is Telenor's nationwide retail chain with 92 stores. The chain was established in 2014 and delivers the latest mobile phones, tablets, and accessories. 

Telenor Norway wanted to have a separate sales channel primarily targeting the consumer market.

In 2014, Telenor acquired and rebranded the chain of franchise stores known as “Telekiosken”. They also established a number of new stores in strategic shopping centers run by existing or new franchisees. The previous sales system was outdated. It was too open to abuse, non-scalable, and impossible to control centrally.

Telenorbutikken wanted to move tasks from store to back-office so that the stores could concentrate on selling merchandise, subscriptions, and services.

Pearl has delivered a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the chain´s head office and stores. The solution is based on SAP Retail, SAP PI and Heads POS.

Telenorbutikken began using the solution in January 2015. Pearl is responsible for core operations, application management, and further development.

Telenorbutikken has implemented a new, nationwide chain of stores in record time with all associated business processes.

Using an effective head office solution and user-friendly solutions in the stores gives the employees more time for sales and customer service, while the head office is both a service center for shops and has the necessary management tools for modern and efficient store operations.

“Pearl’s solutions have given Telenorbutikken more time for sales and customer service – the top priority in our chain of shops. Moreover, the systems are so simple and logical that new shop assistants can use them almost without training,” says Erik Kluften, Head of IT in Telenorbutikken, Telenor Norway.

An important reorganization

In reality, Telenorbutikken’s previous shop system was outdated.

“We started a process where we invited tenders from a number of firms in Norway and eventually decided on SAP/Heads, with Pearl as the supplier."

"Our shop computer system was too “open” and insufficiently centralized. For example, each shop could enter products itself and control the pricing. We wanted to manage this centrally and move work tasks from the shops to the back office. Stores should not administer a centrally controlled ERP system. Their main job is to sell goods, subscriptions, and services,” says Kluften.

Kluften adds that Pearl was an obvious choice of partner in implementing such a critical reorganization.


“We chose Pearl because their experts were the most enthusiastic. They found solutions to just about all the feedback we gave them. We started rolling out the system in January 2015 and were operational in April, immediately after Easter.

The Head of IT is delighted with how Telenorbutikken and Pearl worked together during this process.  

“We have had a dynamic and constructive collaboration with Pearl’s developers and solution architects throughout the process. We have been able to sit down together, have a good dialogue and solve all our problems. We enjoy having Pearl on the team. Let me also add that the system was delivered on time and within budget.

Better overview and live data

“We have moved a number of tasks from the shops to head-office, including control of prices and products. We have achieved unified data and a better overview of sales, purchases, and finance.”

Kluften praises SAP and calls it the system of the future:

“For example, we receive live data from all the shops regarding purchases, sales, and accounting at the times and frequency of our choice. Moreover, these data are presented simply and clearly over our new intranet (launched September 2015)."

"We are also very pleased with the POS system (Heads) which is used in the shop terminals. It is so simple that new shop assistants can start to use the system with very little training.

" We chose Pearl because their experts were the most enthusiastic. They found solutions to just about all the feedback we gave them.

// Erik Kluften, Head of IT in Telenorbutikken, Telenor Norge.

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