Telenorbutikken is Telenor's nationwide retail chain with 92 stores. The chain was established in 2014 and delivers the latest mobile phones, tablets and accessories.


Telenor Norway wanted to have a separate sales channel primarily targeting the consumer market.

In 2014, Telenor acquired and rebranded the chain of franchise stores known as “Telekiosken”. They also established a number of new stores in strategic shopping centres, run by existing or new franchisees. The previous sales system was outdated. It was too open to abuse, non-scalable and impossible to control centrally.

Telenorbutikken wanted to move tasks from store to back-office so that the stores could concentrate on selling merchandise, subscriptions and services.


Pearl has delivered a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for the chain´s head office and stores. The solution is based on SAP Retail, SAP PI and Heads POS. Telenorbutikken began using the solution in January 2015. Pearl is responsible for core operations, application management and further development.

Customer´s benefits

Telenorbutikken has implemented a new, nationwide chain of stores in record time with all associated business processes.

Using an effective head office solution and user-friendly solutions in the stores, employees have more time for sales and customer service, while head office is both a service centre for shops and have the necessary management tools for modern and efficient store operations. .

Customer´s story

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