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Trond Skjellerud
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CEO Pearl Group

+47 4500 2800

Tom Berget
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Business Development Director

+47 932 87 712

Therese Mellegård
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Project Director

+47 415 03 212

Bernhard Olsen
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CEO Pearl Norway

+47 957 06 042

Ingemar Goksøyr
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+47 90 60 10 00

Stian Green
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Director Pearl Care

+47 920 11 808

Trond Pedersen
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Director International Operations

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Carl Östholm
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CEO Pearl Sweden

+46 708 31 98 02

Travel Retail Norway.

A SAP Commerce “click & Collect” service that handles large campaigns and provide customers with a great buying experience. Read our case study.



Travel Retail Norway (TRN) operates tax-free sales at all Norwegian airports. In collaboration with Pearl, TRN is currently working on digitalizing the travelers’ customer experience through a “Click & Collect” service on www.tax-free.no.

It started when Travel Retail Norway wanted to explore the possibility of providing their loyal customers with an additional level of service. They decided to digitalize their customers’ tax-free experience to meet their expectations of a shopping experience.

Travel Retail Norway switched its business solution to SAP Commerce (formerly SAP Hybris): A platform that can handle significant variations in traffic, seasonal fluctuations, and large campaigns, while offering the customers an optimal shopping experience. The system has no limitations with regard to future solutions, it is both complex and complete, and the functionality meets all of TRN’s requirements. Taxfree.no is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, they get functions tailored to SAP's applications as a private cloud service.


TRN got a system that increases the potential for both overall growth and customer satisfaction. The “Click & Collect” service has increased steadily since the start-up in February 2017. 

At tax-free.no, you can now pre-order items online in the same way as any online store. All products sold in the physical store are available in the online store. The items are ordered to be delivered when it suits the customer's departure or arrival and are ready for collection and payment when they arrive at the store. 

"Click & Collect" has been very well received among our customers. This has proven to be a service that our customers find very useful. Within the German Heinemann TaxFree duty-free store chain, TRN is the world’s largest supplier in the area of “Click & Collect” services, and we are definitely proud,” says Web Manager in Travel Retail Norway, Thomas Aalerud.

The digital value

"The digital value is not merely found in the “Click & Collect” orders, but also in the fact that this offers our customers the opportunity to get familiar with our assortment before they visit our store,” says Aalerud.

"When the entire product range has been digitized, it is possible to extract value from the pre-orders directly by showing the products before the customer arrives at our store."

Pearl and SAP have been part of TRN since the first digitalization initiative when www.taxfree.no was launched. At first, the products were managed through PIM and master data. Later, order management and customer accounts were stored in SAP Commerce.

Initially, “Click & Collect” was started as a pilot project in Stavanger in November 2016. It was well-received, and in February 2017, the service was available at all airports. Since then, the service has kept growing.

“By using SAP Commerce, we receive a unique base of master data. This is useful when we need other digital output, such as digital shelf displays, “self-checkout registers”, and other digital elements within TRN,” says Aalerud.

Why has the project been a success?

It is apparent to the TRN management that digitalization is an important strategic move when you want to ensure development. In TRN’s experience, their employees are willing to make an extra effort whenever they meet a challenge or receives an opportunity. This was also the case with “Click & Collect”.

“TRNs ability to implement and their good culture are essential aspects that enable Pearl to deliver optimal solutions. They have chosen highly dedicated personnel for the task, who have the necessary competence to implement the first phases of the “Click & Collect” service,” says Business Developer Director in Pearl, Tom Berget.

Pearl delivers a platform where the traffic can handle great variations, seasonal fluctuations, large campaigns – while at the same time providing the customer with a great buying experience.

"To ensure that the project is a success for TRN, it is crucial to have a partner like Pearl, who does not only understands the system but also has the necessary insight and understanding related to retail and all e-commerce possibilities,” says Aalerud.

"Our collaboration with Pearl is working seamlessly. They are flexible, available, they understand our challenges, and they are good at identifying solutions. In addition, they offer a high level of security that has been excellent, including continuous monitoring and systems with 100 percent uptime. I would definitely recommend Pearl and SAP Commerce to anyone who is considering a similar solution."

" Click & Collect" has been very well received among our customers. This has proven to be a service that our customers find very useful. Within Heinemann TaxFree, TRN is the world’s largest supplier in the area of “Click & Collect” services, and we are definitely proud.

// Web Manager in Travel Retail Norway, Thomas Aalerud.

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