Travel Retail Norway (TRN) operates tax free sales at all Norwegian airports. In collaboration with Pearl, TRN are currently working to digitalize the travelers’ customer experience through a “Click & Collect” service on www.tax-free.no. Within Heinemann TaxFree, TRN is the world’s largest supplier in the area of “Click & Collect”.

It started when Travel Retail Norway wanted to explore the possibility of providing their loyal customers with an additional level of service. They decided to digitalize their customers’ tax-free experience, in order to meet all expectations related to their customers’ shopping experience.

They switched their business solution to SAP C4 HANA (formerly SAP Hybris), a platform where traffic can handle great variations, seasonal fluctuations and large campaigns, while offering the customers a great buying experience. The system has no limitations with regard to future solutions, it is both complex and complete, and the functionality meets all of TRN’s requirements.

Customer´s benefits

The system increases the potential of both overall growth and customer satisfaction. The “Click & Collect” service has increased greatly and steadily since the start-up in February 2017. Within Heinemann TaxFree, TRN is the world’s largest supplier in the area of “click and collect” services.

Customer´s story

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