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Lysaker Torg 45, 2.etg
1366 Lysaker
Oslo, Norge

+47 957 06 042

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Østre Kullerød 4
3241 Sandefjord

+47 957 06 042

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Mäster Samuelsgatan 60
111 21 Stockholm

+46 709 18 51 29

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Lindholmspiren 7c
417 56 Göteborg

+46 73 633 62 57

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Hyllie Stationstorg 31215 32 Malmö Sweden

+46 704 44 45 51

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Gulliver, 1A Sportyvna Square
01023 Kyiv

+47 995 07 750

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Dzirnavu 57-4a
Riga, LV-1010

+371 66 11 89 90

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Pearl Care Singapore PTE LTD
9 Temasek Boulevard
31F Suntec Tower 2
Singapore 038989

+47 932 87 712

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Osoite ilmoitetaan myöhemmin

+358 50 408 0566


Trond Skjellerud
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CEO Pearl Group

+47 4500 2800

Tom Berget
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Business Development Director

+47 932 87 712

Therese Mellegård
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Project Director

+47 415 03 212

Bernhard Olsen
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CEO Pearl Norway

+47 957 06 042

Øystein Karevold
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+47 93 45 60 47

Stian Green
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Director Pearl Care

+47 920 11 808

Trond Pedersen
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Director International Operations

+47 995 07 750

Erik Søderholm
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CEO Pearl Sweden

+46 709 18 51 29

Edgars Egle
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CEO Pearl Latvia

+371 29 14 44 93

About us

Pearl Group is a leading Nordic technology partner - on your side when you develop your business. We deliver solutions within ERP, insight, cloud services and advanced market and e-commerce solutions, in combination with solid industry knowledge and unique business understanding.


We are more than an operating partner – we are driven by taking your business to the next level. Therefore, our motto is: "Your Business, Next Level".


Who are we?

With Pearl Group will experience a competent, long-term, stable business partner. We do not settle for generic solutions but go to great lengths to truly understand your needs and ambitions - and offer innovative solutions specially adapted to you.

Our motto, "Your Business, Next Level", means that we are more than a supplier - we aim to be a reliable partner passionate about your growth. A long-term partner you can turn to with objectives and challenges and who takes an active role in helping you develop your business models and achieve growth.

Our values are to be solution-oriented, enthusiastic, proactive and collaborative. When you meet our consultants, you will notice that these values set the standard for everything we do. We are qualified, certified, and always looking for new solutions so you can focus on what you love - growing and developing your business.

With us on the team, you get more than an operating partner – we listen to you, show you the way and help you achieve your ambitions. Together, we take your business to the next level.


Over 400 employees across offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Singapore, Poland and Ukraine.

What do we deliver?

At Pearl Group, we have a vision to be a guide and advisor within the most innovative technological solutions on the market. In close cooperation with our customers and partners, we build success through efficient and forward-looking business systems - and the most innovative digital customer journey.


Established in 2006 as a SAP specialist, today a leader in ERP and digital commerce in the Nordics and the northern EMEA region.

1. Future-oriented business solutions

We help our customers run a more sustainable business by delivering IT solutions that streamline business processes. We provide everything from ERP and cloud services to advanced market and e-commerce solutions.

  • As the largest SAP partner in the Nordics, we primarily deliver SAP technology within business solutions - and we have been recognized several times as SAP's best partner in the Nordics.
  • We are the Nordic region's leading environment in implementing SAP S/4HANA, the market's leading ERP platform, with several successful projects on our CV.
  • With deep competence and experience in AWS and Microsoft Azure, we take responsibility for the entire process, from implementing and operating IT solutions to maintenance and the development phase.

2. Digital trading solutions at PearlConvert

In line with our ambition to be the market leader in the Nordics within the digital customer journey and technology, eCommerce company Convert became part of the Pearl Group in 2022 under the name PearlConvert.

  • With PearlConvert, we offer a comprehensive approach and tailored solutions based on the most innovative and market-leading technology and expertise.
  • We cover the entire digital journey from eCommerce to digital marketing.
  • With over 130 eCommerce experts, from developers and UX designers to CRM experts, we are one of the largest environments in digital commerce in the Nordics.


Our growth– your advantage

Pearl Group's identity and ambitions are about growth. As we expand our competence across national borders and industries, we strengthen our expertise through acquisitions within the services we deliver today. We believe that our growth history adds value to our customers.


Some of our milestones:

  • In 2021, Zuite Business Consulting became part of the Pearl Group under Pearl Sweden. It strengthened Pearl's industry experience within manufacturing considerably, while at the same time, we got new services such as VIM into the portfolio.
  • In 2022, the eCommerce company Convert became part of the Pearl Group under the name PearlConvert. It constitutes an extensive investment in digital commerce, and PearlConvert is a leader in the Nordics in its field.
  • In 2023, Cross Application Resources (XAR) and Cross Application Consulting (XAC) became part of the Pearl Group. Both companies specialize in efficiently using business solutions from the ERP system SAP.
  • Pearl Finland was established in 2023 to strengthen our Nordic presence and has grown rapidly from 1 to 34 employees. It has also expanded the customer base of Pearl Group by attracting new clients from different industries.
  • In 2024, Pearl Norway was awarded Business Partner of the Year 2024 by SAP Norway. 

We have ambitions for further growth in the coming year together with our weigher Norvestor, with a target turnover of  €133 000 by the end of 2026.

Turnover of  €50 million in 2022 and €60 million in 2023.


This is Pearl Group:

  • Owned by Norvestor and the employees
  • A growth of 120 % in the last 5 years
  • Some of our biggest customers are Telenor, Norengros, Motek, Vitus apotek, H&M, Norwegian, Statkraft, Vinmonpolet, Gyldendal, ARK Bokhandel, Tibnor, Bohus, Komplett and Norli



Work with us?

We believe achieving the best results is about creating something we are proud of - while having fun together at work! We also think that by bringing talented people together in a forward-looking environment, they can achieve the most incredible things.


That is why we are keen to hire people who are qualified and certified at their fingertips - but also great and committed people who aim to make a difference for our customers.


We are always looking for talented people who are committed to delivering quality. We hope you will get in touch if you are good at something we do!


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Bernhard Olsen

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Bernhard H. Olsen

CEO Pearl Norway

Phone number

+47 957 06 042



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