Pearl is the largest SAP partner in Norway. Primarily Pearl delivers SAP technology within business solutions, marketing and eCommerce. We are certified on AWS and Microsoft Azure within SAP services. We established Pearl in 2006 because we saw that many customers needed better IT solutions to support their business processes. We wanted to bring to the market something that did not exist: a re-use of IT templates, processes and expertise. Then we would be able to supply higher-quality solutions, quickly, to new customers.

Our values

  • Solution oriented

  • Proactive

  • Enthusiastic

Our core business

We invest significantly in solutions, implementation models and expertise in different businesses and industries. For the individual customer this means that adapting to a new business system involves less expenditure of time and energy.

A key part of our thinking is to establish long-term and predictable partnerships with our customers. Partnership involves close cooperation and enables us to concentrate on our customers’ needs and development over time. We are at the forefront of technological development and provide our customers with innovative solutions. Our core business is based on:

    Based on a tried and tested template we implement the solution needed by you, our customer.


    We ensure that your IT system is stable and reliable. This means you can concentrate on running your business.


    As your business grows, we grow with you. We keep the development of your business firmly in focus.

What sort of customers do we have?

The typical customer who comes to us is running a successful business. Success has meant that they have outgrown their IT system, which no longer meets the need for further growth. They need to replace their system and are looking for a business partner with whom they can succeed in future. We work with several of Norway’s leading companies. We also regularly gain new customers in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

Case studies

Our customers are in the following segments:

Case studies

Why do our customers choose us?

When we ask our customers why they chose us, there are three main reasons:


    They benefit greatly from the ready-to-use work processes in the solutions we offer. This means that they can have a new business system up-and-running quickly.


    They appreciate our willingness to assume total responsibility. We take responsibility for the whole system from implementation through to the operation and development phases, once our customers are up-and-running. This means the customer can concentrate on running the business.


    Fortunately this is one of the main reasons for our customers choosing us. We have built up a deep reservoir of expertise based on our knowledge of business systems. The customers say that the Pearl team invests in them and delivers what is promised, on time and on budget.

Our certificates

We are the largest SAP partner in Norway on both ERP and CX. We prioritize staying abreast of new developments and regard training and certification as key investment areas. Our aim is not just to keep up to date with what is happening at the leading edge of SAP development, but also to pass this knowledge on to our customers. Pearl is certified on SAP for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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