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Are you mobile?

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When most of our customers interact with SAP, the user interface is either a Fiori app, NWBC or good old SAP GUI and almost always on a computer, while most other IT-interactions take place on a mobile device.


To make it possible to create a truly mobile experience for enterprise customers, SAP and Apple entered into a partnership in 2016 where they built a framework to enable secure communication between an SAP system and any iOS device. This was built with the award winning Fiori design language as the main user interface.


At the core of the solution lies SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP) which is delivered as a “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS). BTP handles safe and secure communication between SAP and the devices without the need for VPN and comes with a vast list of features from authentication to offline caching and handling of delta synchronization. The end result is a powerful mobile solution where you have access to all the features you’ll need from your SAP system, without dealing with custom integrations or storing of data.


Efficiency is always important from an end user perspective and having the option of downloading an app on an iPhone or iPad is key in building modern business processes. The app enables easy logon using SAP universal ID the first time it is started and from then you can authenticate using a password, or by utilizing Touch- or Face-ID. When building the app, we define whether some or all of the data should be available offline and if so, the app will download the full dataset upon first login and then synchronize changes whenever necessary.

If you choose to combine an SAP integration with other technology such as bluetooth accessories, beacons or sensors, GPS or just utilise the camera as a QR code reader, the end result is a powerful tool for you organisation.

It is a common misconception that mobile apps are expensive to build, but the truth is that much of job is already done when using SAP’s framework. The framework consists of hundreds of UI elements which together are combined to a great user experience. The BTP-layer is pure configuration and building the backend logic is performed in the same manner as building other UI5 Fiori apps. Entering the Apple Developer Enterprise Program makes it possible to deploy the app to your organization by e-mail or QR code, completely bypassing publishing it on AppStore.



Want to get a feeling of how a native SAP enterprise app could work for you? Head over to the AppStore and try out the demo version of these apps that SAP has created!

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Project companion


Contact us when you are ready to create the next mobile experience for your organization!


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