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Pearl Academy 2022 - Meet our Trainees

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For the past seven years, Pearl has employed recent graduates or people with some work experience in the Pearl Academy. During the trainee period, they are placed with customers, and get to experience what it is like to be a consultant.

In August, this year's program for ten new talents started and we have asked them some questions to get to know them better! Trainees have varied, exciting and educational days in an inclusive working environment.

Read about what Marit, Josefin, Zohib and Joshua say about the program


Marit Lande Øyjord

Marit Lande Øyjord


Trainee in Logistics at Pearl Norge 
Bachelor’s degree in Retail Management


How did you become a trainee in Pearl?

- I was contacted on LinkedIn regarding a position at Pearl, and after a fun and challenging process, I got the offer to start as one of the trainees in the 2022 cohort.

What does an average workday at Pearl entail?
- In the first weeks of the trainee program, we had a very exciting program with, among other things, several presentations to get to know both Pearl and the people who work in Pearl, various activities to get to know the other trainees, as well as an introductory course in SAP that was held in Copenhagen. I am currently 100% on a project in Sweden, which is both hectic and fun. I get to work a lot in SAP but also gain great experience by working in a large project, and as a consultant.  

What's the value of being a trainee here?
- You really get to challenge yourself in many different ways, while having a good network around you. Both the mentorship and that we are starting together with other trainees contribute to a very good environment, both professionally and socially! 

What is the best thing about the job?
- I would say the best thing about the job so far is the people and the development opportunities. Both theoretically through various courses and certifications, but also in practice with the customer. A bonus is also that Pearl has very many exciting customers!


Josefin Salomaa
Josefin Salomaa

Trainee in development at Pearl Sverige
Bachelor’s degree in Data Science


How did you become a trainee at Pearl Group? 
- I saw an advertisement and became interested in the structure of the trainee program. In addition, it sounded exciting to work with SAP as it was something completely new for me.

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
- Right now I am on an assignment at Coop where I work with testing of EDI. During the winter, I am also supposed to take a certification in ABAP and that is something I have started to prepare for

What's the value of being a trainee here?
- There is so much to learn, and you get a very good start with introductory weeks, and get to know both the company, SAP, and the consulting life. It is also exciting to be part of a growing company that has several great customers.

What's the best thing about the job? 
- The colleagues are supportive, and the customer assignments are interesting. The work is both varied and developing.



Zohib Khan
Zohib Khan
Trainee in Finance at Pearl Norge

Bachelor´s degree in Economics


How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group? 
- When I was in the final year of my studies and in the process of applying for jobs, I found a job posting for Pearl Academy. It seemed like an exciting and great place to start my career, so I decided to apply for a job at Pearl. 

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
- As of today, I work 100% on a project in Stockholm, and I am on site most of the time. Otherwise, it has been days of courses, reading to certification, and gaining insight into the working environment at Pearl. 

What's the value of being a trainee here?
- At Pearl, I have had the opportunity to work with talented people and challenge myself. In addition, Pearl puts great emphasis on knowledge, and ensures that you have the room to self-development.

What's the best thing about the job? 
- I have to say it's the social environment! You feel included from day one, well taken care of and, not least, everyone you meet is very helpful. The variety of work tasks is also something I greatly appreciate; it means that you constantly get the opportunity to learn new things and develop. 


Joshua Arrindell
Joshua Arrindell


Trainee in eCommerce at PearlConvert


How did you become a trainee at Pearl Group/Convert?
- After I completed my bachelor's degree at Kristiania University College, I wanted to use the knowledge that I had built up through my studies and started applying for several jobs.  I had already heard a lot of good things about Pearl Group/Convert through others, so I had already a lot of knowledge about the company and the environment. I was looking for a direction that could give me a unique opportunity and a good start to my career. Pearl Group's trainee program gives you such an opportunity to gain knowledge in your field. 

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
- Currently, I have finished one certification in SAP | Business Process Integration and will further take a certification within the Adobe Commerce Front-end Developer. In addition, I get tasks that gives me the opportunity to get to know the systems that we at Pearl Convert use. I also sit with my mentor, and I learn a lot from him!

What's the value of being a trainee here?
- You get a good introduction to the whole company, your department and what the other departments are up to. I encounter a lot of challenges every single day, one of the most valuable things is the expertise that is shared across teams and within your own team.

What do you like most about the job?
- The variety and challenges that you face along the way. Your workday is never the same and it is always fun and educational to come to work in Pearl Convert

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