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Pearl Academy: Meet our trainees

Pearl Academy: Meet our trainees

The trainees at Pearl Group have varied, exciting, and educational days in an inclusive work environment. Let's get to know them!


For the past six years, Pearl has employed graduates or people with some work experience at the Pearl Academy. During the trainee period, they achieve at least one certification, and they're deployed with clients and experience what it is like to be a consultant.

"The trainee program is a great way for us to get to know young, promising candidates, and for them to get to know us and find out if the consulting life is right for them," says Sarita Engebretsen, who's responsible for the program.

"Usually, it's a great match: In the six years we've had the program, all but one have moved on to permanent positions with us."

In August, this year's program for five new talents began. They distinguished themselves as great candidates through an extensive recruitment process, and in recent months they've had a taste of the consulting life at Pearl Group.

Emilie Stabe HelvigEmilie
Master's degree in Business Management

How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group?
"After I completed my degree in Scotland, I wanted new challenges and applied for several jobs. I think Pearl Group stood out from other companies. The trainee program provides a unique opportunity to gain knowledge in the field. It's also great that more of us are new to the company at the same time and that we can help each other in studying for certifications.

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
"Currently, I am studying for two certifications in finance. In addition, I get tasks that allow me to get to know the SAP system. I also sit a lot with my mentor and see what she works with. It's very educational!"

What's the value of being a trainee here?
"I get a lot of challenges and the opportunity to acquire new knowledge. There's also a strong focus on quality that's valuable for both customers and employees of Pearl.

What's the best thing about the job?
"It's definitely the people! You're always greeted with a smile and a good mood. I like that the job consists of a lot of teamwork. Here, everyone helps each other. In addition, Pearl is constantly growing, and it's very exciting to be part of a company that's traveling at full speed into the future.


Marie LøkåsMarie
Master's degree in Economics and Administration

How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group?
"The process started somewhat randomly. I had just started the final year of my master's degree and was in the process of applying for a job. I had some thoughts about what seemed exciting but thought something in technology would make sense, given the development in society. I applied for the position at Pearl via "Poption" – a marketplace that puts companies and graduates in touch. After showing interest in Pearl, I got a speed interview, and after that went through a number of interviews, case solutions, and various tests. Then I got the job."

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
"I spend a lot of time getting acquainted with various topics and systems related to Pearl's work in general, and specifically to CX, i.e., Customer Experience. I'm also completing certifications within both SAP and Salesforce, which involves a lot of reading. I have also been involved in more practical tasks and have had time to click around and get to know the different systems.

What's the value of being a trainee here?
"In Pearl Group, I get to take part in an ever-growing IT company that has a lot of exciting customers. I get to challenge myself and learn a lot of new things all the time."

What's the best thing about the job?
"The social environment! The trainees have been well-received from the first moment, and it's easy to thrive among the colleagues here. We started the course with two weeks in Tromsø, where the trainees got to know each other, and since then, we've participated in various social gatherings with the rest of the group.


Patrik NilssonPatrik
Trained Computer Technician

How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group?
"I was contacted and asked if I was interested in coming in for an interview. I had heard a lot about Pearl, so it was easy to say yes."

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
"Right now, it's mostly about studying for a certification in ABAP. When I don't read, I shadow my mentor, Daniel, and learn from him."

What's the value of being a trainee here?
"Having the opportunity to learn from the great people here is very valuable to me. The social environment in Pearl has been inclusive from day one. Here, everyone takes their time to help you!"

What's the best thing about the job?
"What I like best is that no two days are the same. I learn something new every single day. In addition, I really appreciate working with all my great colleagues at Pearl.


Nicolai EideNicolai
Bachelor's degree in Business and Finance, and master's degree in Finance and Strategic Management

How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group?
"I heard great things about Pearl Group and wanted to learn more about the company. I came across a job advertisement that caught my interest and did some research on the company. The more I learned about the customers, the projects, and their business model, the more confident I became that I wanted to apply."

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
"The days are very varied. Some days go to preparing for certification within the direction I want to go (SAP, Salesforce, etc.), while other days are spent working on solving problems in various systems. I really appreciate that there's variation and that I get to try out different things.

What's the value of being a trainee here?
"I'm learning so much! It gives me broad competence. In addition, we have an excellent work environment, which helps me succeed. I get training and various certifications that are valuable for the rest of my career.

What's the best thing about the job?
"The variety and the culture! The workdays are varied and exciting, and the people here really want the trainees to succeed. You can also choose your own direction based on where you feel you can develop the most.

Julie AmlandJulie
Logistics Engineer with a master's degree in Technology Management

How did you become a trainee in Pearl Group?
"I came in contact with Pearl during the Career Days at NTNU in September 2020. I got a great impression of the company through a company presentation, followed by an informal chat with an employee. After that, I applied, and the process from there went fast. I was hired in October 2020 but started now in August 2021.

What does an average workday at Pearl Group entail?
"So far, it's very varied. I've spent a lot of time with my mentor, Tina, and observed how she works. Gradually, I've also taken over some tasks. I've also spent a lot of time studying for various certifications. In addition to this, I have contributed to a Career Day for students at NTNU, where my own journey began. I have familiarized myself with new features in SAP that I have later presented to the rest of my team, and I've been involved in publishing an app that Pearl has created.

What's the value of being a trainee here?
"What is most valuable to me are the people who work here. As trainees, we've quickly become included in the work environment, and it's fun to go to work because you know you'll meet great people!

What's the best thing about the job?
"Undoubtedly the social environment. I'm also delighted that we have a varied workday, where I am constantly learning something new."

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