We have consultants with many years’ experience, who have worked with a large number of customers in many industries. Our basic concept, which is to solve problems efficiently by re-using methods and solutions, also applies to the way in which the specialists work.

We have specialists in all technical areas and systems, including  SAP S/4HANA, SAP Sales & Service Cloud og SAP Commerce. We offer project managers, solution architects and specialists in operations and development. All our specialists have industry knowledge.

Pearl specialists act as consultants, but can also solve specific problems. Our specialists have worked in their technical fields for many years and have built up comprehensive technical, industry and solution knowledge. They have methods for solving complicated problems, while working within Pearl’s strategy of re-using solutions. As a new customer, you can benefit from our portfolio of already developed “solutions to known problems” that can be implemented quickly and efficiently in your business.

We have developed pre-defined solutions for various sectors

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