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Commerce Trends 2022

Woman VR goggles

The e-commerce industry can look back on two years of insane growth and development, this makes it more difficult than ever to try to predict trends the coming year. We at Pearl make an attempt anyway, and have challenged Team Lead for Commerce Norway, Erlend Sørby Johansen on which trends will be valid in 2022.


"If we consider the Norwegian market, I think we will see that many people finally start to deliver on the concepts they have been talking about for a long time," says Johansen

Here are his predictions for 2022


Headless Commerce:

This is not new. Over time we have seen the landscape change. Some of you have either completed or are already well underway with the journey to a headless architecture, but there are still many who have not come out of the starting pit. This will be a current topic for many in Norway, also in 2022.


Read more about Headless Commerce



Composable Commerce

Composable Commerce is that you put together the best components in your field. This can be, for example, search, CMS, PIM and a Commerce engine. This strategy offers a number of benefits. Gartners sums it up easily this way:

"By 2023, Enterprises with a Composable Commerce approach will outpace competition by 80%"

In 2022, the trend of breaking up architecture into several less business-critical functions - according to the "best of breed principle" - will continue. So much good software is released today that the most demanding thing turns out to be to make decisions and ensure further progress.

We have extensive experience in breaking up the monolith SAP Commerce according to the Composable Commerce principle. Get in touch if you need help getting started, or read more about our offer here:



SAP Commerce Audit package



Digital Service Platform

This expression have many names, but the need to collect data in the cloud and make them easily accessible through open and well-documented interfaces have increased dramatically in recent times. This need will be even higher in 2022

Many Companies today are sitting on huge amounts of data that they can not utilize in a sensible and value-creating way. To be ahead of the competition, it is important to have access to this data.

With a digital service platform, it is easier to utilize the great value that lies in an ever-increasing amount of data, and in addition be able to develop new services faster. Better utilization and availability of this data, combined with utilization of external data sources will ensure that your Company can reach full business potential.


Deliveries (Supplier technology)

The pandemic has also presented major challenges, and a great pace of innovation in the logistics and distribution area. Here we expect a wider range of providers, and better services throughout the year. Both when it comes to speed, precision and communication - simply because customers expect it.

Read more about what our customer Jernia has done to improve the customer experience here:



Jernia launches a new solution from Posten and Bring



Live shopping

When the pandemic hit us, not many people ventured out into the terrain with live shopping or customer service. During the pandemic this has turned, and some pioneers have taken the lead and launched this. We expect this to increase in popularity, and that we will see more and more people jump on this wave during 2022.




Screenshot 2022-02-15 at 15.59.14

We have our own experts in strategy within the above areas, both when it comes to technology and implementation. We also have extensive experience in breaking up the Monolith SAP Commerce according to the Composable Commerce principle. Get in touch if you need help getting started!




Erlend Sørby Johansen


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