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Hybris portfolio becomes C/4 HANA

SAP just changed the name of the Hybris and C4C portfolio to C/4 HANA and we have high expectations on how this will create an even better customer journey in the future


SAP's largest global event Sapphire was arranged last week in Orlando, Florida. One of the major news was the change of names for the products formerly known as Hybris and C4C (Cloud 4 Customer) to C/4 HANA. This might not be big news alone, but it is showing that the focus from SAP is to differentiate the traditional ERP products like S/4 HANA from the products that drives the customer experience.

Most companies are looking at the changes in the markedplace they are. Pearls customers are mostly in the Retail and Wholesale business. They know that you need to focus on the customer experience and have the software solutions available to differentiate from the competition by adapting to the new "rules" of marketing and eCommerce.

The "new rules"

First of all, your company needs to have a holistic view on the customer journey. Where this journey starts, is different for each individual or business that wants to purchase your products or services. This is where the omnichannel strategies come in, and the C/4 HANA portfolio will make your company be able to handle requests and interactions from your customers in all channels. In general, a typical retailer for the consumer market will handle 15 different channels - and this will make many of the people working in an organization like this quite dizzy.

C/4 HANA will handle all your marketing planning and campaign executions. If you set it up to be automatically creating campaigns and recommendations, we know from experience that up to one third of your eCommerce sales can be created without any human interactions. Of course, this might not apply to all micro segments of eCommerce, but we know how to make it work.

The customers are getting used to comparing your offers to your competitors, and they are in general less loyal. C/4 HANA will help you build a Loyalty Program and hopefully manage to create a program that does not completely depent on giving discounts. Discounts is a way of attracting certain customers, but you would like to have customers that are loyal because the offers you give are relevant.

All of the data collected in the processes in the customer journey needs to be handled according to the GDPR legislation. This might already be a headache for most companies, not beeing compliant, but to get the necessary control of the customers data in an omnichannel presence.

In short, C/4 HANA consists of Marketing, Commerce, Sales, Service and Customer Data Cloud services.

Please let us know if you need any assistance in getting your business to create a better customer experience.

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