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Three reasons why you should join our PSD team

Three reasons why you should join our PSD team

Our PSD team (Procure, Sell & Deliver) is looking for more new employees. Here are the team's top three great reasons why it's rewarding to work at Pearl Group!


1. We look for types of people, not specific CVs

"As we look for new employees, we are now considering more recruitment opportunities than we may have done before. We have realized that a professional background is not the most important thing. It's all about the types of people we recruit," says Amanda Roberts, Principal Consultant at Pearl Group.

Amanda has worked at Pearl since 2006. Today, she is one of the leaders in the business area Procure, Sell & Deliver (PSD). Pearl Group's PSD team is now looking to hire more professionals with a background in logistics and supply chain management.

In short, PSD assists customers with everything that has to do with the operational aspect of sales. Amanda and her colleagues at PSD create solutions that are easy to use while at the same time analyzing and consulting companies on how each can improve their business.

As we advertise to fill these positions, our scope is relatively broad. Pearl Group wants to connect with experienced professionals who understand the customers' needs. We also want people who have good ideas for how practical insights can be translated into outstanding solutions, collaborating with the rest of the PSD team.


_D0A6186_foto_erik_thallaugThe PSD team is looking for more employees in logistics and supply chain management.


"Potential recruits might, for instance, have work experience in either master data, logistics, transport planning, purchasing or inventory management systems. It's also important that they want to work with both technology and business."

"We are looking for the type who will fit in well at Pearl: People who have relevant work experience, who are interested in learning, and who are adaptable. You have to be willing to become one of us because working at Pearl is something special," Amanda says, smiling.


"You have to be willing to become one of us because working at Pearl is something special."


2. We plan for learning and competence development

Have you not worked with SAP before? No problem.

At Pearl, all new employees are offered comprehensive training in SAP through a separate Pearl Academy starting on their first day and running for a total of six weeks.
"After all, it is SAP we mainly work with here, so everyone gets a proper course in the entire system. After the introduction, they get the chance to immerse themselves in a special subject area. PSD is one of these, and within PSD again, you have several underlying areas that you can specialize in," Amanda Roberts says.

Roberts is specialized in sales and finance. She explains that professional development and continuous training is top priority at Pearl. Seeing as Pearl operates at the forefront of technical development, this is something of a necessity.

"We will invest in you when you start here. The people we recruit now will get an introductory deep dive when they start. Then they will get to take certifications and courses as it becomes relevant. We want to give all our employees a good start so that they can become consultants with broad expertise, not just specialists in a few areas," says Roberts.

At Pearl, the employees are also concerned with internal competence building, and informal training between colleagues is both facilitated and highly encouraged. This ensures that new knowledge and insights benefit everyone.


Tina (right) came in as a trainee to the Pearl Academy five years ago, and had Amanda (left) as a mentor. This year, she herself is a mentor for a new employee.


"What I learned when I started in Pearl 2006 is no longer relevant. The industry is in constant motion, and it is impossible to be fully trained. If you want to work with the latest tech, then Pearl is a great place to work," says Roberts.

"Our goal is to always work with cutting edge technology, all while making sure that the customer gets the best possible solution."


3. We have an excellent work environment – and not just in the office

"The best thing about Pearl is that it feels like being with your friends at work," says Tina Ro, senior consultant in the PSD team.

Ro has worked with PSD for Pearl for five years. When she joined the company as a trainee, Amanda Roberts was her mentor. This year Ro is a supervisor herself for a recently recruited employee. As she was met with a warm welcome in the company when she started, Ro is glad to give others the same experience.

"My trainee came home to her boyfriend one night and told me that she had made 'real friends at work'," Ro says, smiling.

"And that made me so happy! Because at Pearl, we spend a lot of time together, also in our spare time," she continues.

To say that a lot is going on socially in the office is no exaggeration. The same day that Amanda and Tina are interviewed, there is a Christmas workshop for the entire office. Most people walk around wearing "ugly Christmas sweaters," one more elaborate than the other. They often go out for a couple of beers on payday, and on Fridays, many round off the week with a couple of rounds of shuffleboard by the coffee machine.



A few rounds of shuffleboard by the coffee machine is a great way to round off the week.


The activities don't stop when the office lights go out. Over the years, many small associations have been formed. The trainee group Young@Pearl, the choir Pearl Jam and the sports team Sporty@Pearl are just a few examples. And every year, the whole company goes on a joint mystery tour, where employees from Pearl Group's offices across the entire world gather to hang out. In 2020, the trip went to Sorrento in Italy. Soon they will all be going to Paris together.

"We focus a lot on all these different small connections between the employees, especially after the Covid-19 shutdown. We want it to be tempting to go to work," says Amanda.

"After all, it's a lot more fun than working from home!"

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