Pharma@Pearl is designed to help your firm to operate in the new digital economy. The solution has an intuitive user interface that gives a positiv user experience and is adapted to both stationary and mobile devices. Pharma@Pearl is a solution with a wide range of features, developed over recent decades.

For whom is Pharma@Pearl suitable?
Pharma@Pearl is particularly suitable for companies that wish to realise their strategy with the support of standard system solutions. It focuses on the company’s total profitability. The solution is documented and configured so that it can support the legal requirements that pharmaceutical companies have to meet. Special attention has been paid to traceability and documentary requirements.

What does Pharma@Pearl cover?
Pharma@Pearl is based on SAP’s market-leading ERP system. The solution is based on the “in memory” platform SAP S/4HANA, which provides all users with immediate insight into real time data. Important processes covered are:

  • Efficient purchasing tool with forecasting
  • Production
  • Sales with order registration and associated agreement structure

  • Flexible warehouse management tailored to the company’s needs
  • Maintenance
  • Finance, reporting and analysis

What are the gains?

  • A scalable and innovative solution that secures your company's future
  • A solution adapted to the special needs of your industry
  • Cost-effective and timely implementation

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